• 8oz Jar Candle - Christmas Tree Farm

8oz Jar Candle - Christmas Tree Farm


balsam fir | coconut snow | pine cones

Snow falls gently all around you in big soft flakes. They get caught in your hair and eyelashes. You can hear laughter all around; everyone turns into a kid at Christmas. Tall spruce trees stand in magical rows scenting the air with their nostalgic perfume. Time to pick a tree! 


- Winter/Christmas Inspired

- Coconut Wax Blend

- Cotton Wick and Weatherproof Label

- 8oz Glass Jar With Black Metal Lid

- net wt. 200g or 7oz


Trim the wick of your candle to 1/4 inch every time you light it (seriously, every time!) Never burn your candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time. When burning your candle place it on a heat-resistant surface away from windows, drafts, and fans. Allow the candle to completely cool and harden before relighting the candle. Keep the top of the candle and wax free from any debris including dust, wick trimmings, and matches. Never burn your candle unattended, especially around children and pets. 

  • $28.00