• 8oz Jar Candle - Dracula's Castle (Imperfect - Sun Bleached)

8oz Jar Candle - Dracula's Castle (Imperfect - Sun Bleached)


- Dracula Inspired
- Coconut Wax Candle (Vegan)
- 8oz Jar w/ Metal Lid


black cherry | amber | vanilla

The door is cracked open and you step inside to be sheltered from the storm. Candles are flickering and you can hear the crackle of a fireplace somewhere near. You know you shouldn't, but you crave the warmth. You turn the corner to find the owner of the house, he welcomes you with a glass of what appears to be blood-red wine. You have no choice but to accept his invitation to join him.

Trim the wick of your candle to 1/4 inch every time you light it (seriously, every time!) or pinch off the used black excess wick. Always allow the candle to burn for long enough so that the entire top is melted to help prevent tunnelling which wastes the candle. Please do not burn unattended around children or pets!