• 8oz Tin — Tester Candle

8oz Tin — Tester Candle

I was in the process of creating a new collection awhile ago when I made these tester candles. I’m not sure what I’m doing with the collection now though and I need the room so would rather they go to someone who wants them instead of going to waste! There is absolutely nothing wrong with them they just don’t have labels or a matching collection! They would be perfect for props in bookstagram photos though! 

Scent 1 — coconut, green apple, oak

(similar to last years March COTM Adventure Awaits)

Scent 2 — earl grey, lemon peel, cream

(similar to last years May COTM Indie Bookstore)

Scent 3 — fresh laundry, cologne, vanilla musk

(a cross between Reading In Bed and The Darkling)

Scent 4 — blood orange, black cherry, iced tea

(it’s like an elevated version of a fruit punch???)

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  • $25.00