• Reed Diffuser - 007. Sci-Fi
  • Reed Diffuser - 007. Sci-Fi

Reed Diffuser - 007. Sci-Fi

  • $38.00


rosemary | raspberry | dark rum

The Library Lights Reed Diffusers come in a 4oz clear glass jar with 10 inch rattan reeds. A delicate and easy way to continually scent your home or office. No flame or heat required.


1) Remove all protective package and insert rattan reeds into the bottle. You can flip these weekly or as needed to refresh the fragrance flow.

2) The amount of reeds you use alters the amount of fragrance given off. More reeds, more fragrance, and vice versa. If you keep the bag the reeds come in you can store the reeds between uses.

3) Please set diffuser on a flat stable surface away from kids and pets. If the oils spill, clean them up immediately, they can cause damage to some surfaces if left alone. Also keep away from sunlight and heat sources that will dry the reeds out.